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An English approach to seating where people are seated comfortable indoor as well as outdoor. Rustic furniture, planters makes the sketch look more and more holistic throughout the design. A little yellow, a touch of wood, a brick cladding wall and a blackened out ceiling makes the space neutral and equally tantalizing. A few quirky quotes and frames break the monotony of the room. A view of the open kitchen through the cafe makes it a transparent way of functioning. Pendant lights cast for each table makes the lighting adequate during the nights as well. The type of seating and the layout of the tables and chairs are just as important in creating the proper atmosphere as the type of seating. Varied seating type in the cafe target the comfort level of different customers.


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Project Details

Client: 10/10 DIY Studio

Date: May 6, 2018

Varied seating type in the cafe target the comfort level of different customers. A wooden partition so light yet so functional adds an elegant detail that forms space segregation. A simple shade of the wooden flooring is an important element that adds the right rustic element in the space.
An exposed blackened ceiling with visible Air conditioning and ducting seem to direct attention towards the ceiling as well. A neutral yet enticingly complimenting the treatments on the walls and floor and the furniture. Customized crockery is another frontier for the cafe has been done. Comforts have been kept in mind not just for the design but for the dining as well.

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